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My name is Caro and I started going by "Caro-chan" online as a joke around 3 years ago, but somehow it stuck and so now I'm stuck with it I guess! I love the Lolita fashion and have another blog about it, F Yeah Lolita. I prefer manga over anime and mostly a fan of slice-of-life and seinen. I have a modest collection of retro game systems and games and while I enjoy trying to hunt down the systems that time forgot my favorite system is the SNES. I have a sort of embarrassingly large collection of ball-joint dolls. I really enjoy attending conventions and have been, as of late, selling in the Artist Alley, which has made me love cons even more. 
I have a lot of wigs for someone who doesn't cosplay.

I also run a tumblr blog, Honeyed, that's a pretty random assortment of things I think a pretty, peppered with random bitching and moaning.

I love sequential art and my secret dream is to one day create a doujinshi or just regular one shot comic. But I'm too apathetic about bettering my art skills to probably ever do that.

She DOES have a lot of wigs. More than
me and I DO cosplay.
Hello! I am Justin, co-contributer to ITIMBAO. I'll spare you the whole "I knew I was destined for nerd greateness when I was 4 and could already go super-saiyan" speech, and just tell you that yes, I watch lots of anime, play lots of games, spend shameful amounts of money on anime, manga, and figures, and in turn make a substantial amount of money selling those things online and at conventions. I also cosplay a fair bit, even though I'm not that great at it. I spend a lot of time writing for my movie blog, writing fanfiction, and just generally writing. Some day I hope to be good enough at it that I can make real money doing it, so for now it's practice practice practice.

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