Just some various useful sites I enjoy that may or may not be blogs! This page will be constantly updated.

My Anime List
A useful site for keeping track of what series you've read/watched or intend to, but an even better site for recommendations and finding series similar to ones you love. Sort of like GoodReads for the otaku set.

Anime Cons
An awesome way to find cons in the area and read some reviews on various cons. Also a pretty choice selection of con FAQs for con noobs in the articles section.

Baka-Updates Manga
A genera manga info site. Easy to search for works by various mangaka or genre and to see if things have been scanslated or licensed outside of Japan. Just generally useful.

A fantasy artist's blog, but she attends a lot of different sci-fi and fantasy cons to sell in the artist alley and always has really useful posts about her experiences. Definitely useful if you ever have an artist alley table. Fantastic advice for artists in general too!

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