Sunday, March 10, 2013

I Want This Blog to Live

Hi Everyone! (by which I mean no one)

So clearly, this blog never happened. I made a post, then got caught up in other pursuits (not the least of which being the maintenance of my OTHER blog) and in the end, while I was always thinking of poor ITIMBAO in the back of my mind, it never emerged in the forefront. Well NO MORE I SAY. I can't speak for Ms. Caro-chan, but I will strive to make a post every Sunday on this blog, about SOME DAMN THING, at the very least, every week. This post isn't that! I'm going to write another post, right now, about something else, what a deal. Also, while I'm at it, let me link you to a post I made on The Tagline last week, which is relevant to this blog as much as  it was relevant to that one, if not more so: Redline.

So there you have it imaginary readers! My pledge to you, to actually exist, and write things here, in the hopes that some day you'll exist too. -J

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