Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Hello and welcome to I Think I Might Be An Otaku, it's just a little blog where I can go to ramble about whatever otaku and occasionally nerd-related topic I might feel like. I make a pretty poor otaku compared to most but I have opinions about anime and manga that most people just don't care about, a number of hobbies that originated in Japan, and a love of anime conventions so, well, I think I might be an otaku? This blog is just here to explore that possibility a bit more. Hopefully it will feature some various reviews on whatever convention that I happen to attend, my occasional misadventures in cosplay, ramblings about whatever mangaka I'm obsessing over at the moment, showing off whatever totally lame weeaboo crap I just blew my money on, and that kind of thing.

Besides this blog, I also run F Yeah Lolita, a blog about the Lolita fashion and lifestyle. While I am not actually a cosplayer myself (wearing Lolita on a regular basis sort of sucks the fun out of the thrill of dressing up!), I do enjoy helping with whatever cosplay project that my boyfriend, who runs both a largely Bruce Willis related movie blog and writes fiction about supernatural investigation, is working on.

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