Wednesday, September 19, 2012

My Otaku Generation

I've often heard references to various anime fan generations, and while these generation names and time ranges are not always agreed on, I've always considered myself a part of the Cartoon Network generation. Despite the fact that my generation got it's start about a decade ago, I still feel like a noob in the world of anime because I waited until it went "mainstream" to get into it. Rightfully, I feel like I should have hopped on the anime banwagon during the Sailor Moon generation (I've actually seen this era referred to as a number of things, but for most girls it was Sailor Moon that really got them into anime, so I think, as a girl, it's pretty fair to call this the Sailor Moon era), especially since back when Sailor Moon hit the US I used to watch it on occasion and ache after the line of toys that were released along side it.

It wasn't for another year or two that I started to realize that Sailor Moon was something so different because it was anime, a term I had no idea existed until significantly later, thanks to the Sci-Fi channel's use of the phrase "Japanimation" to describe the late night cartoons I used to secretly stay up late to watch.

So, while Cartoon Network certainly wasn't my first introduction to anime, it was simply the first time that I was able to get it with any sort of regularity and in a quantity that actually allowed me to pick-and-choose what I wanted to watch. Before Cartoon Network's Adult Swim came along my experience with anime was limited to whatever I could get my greedy hands on: the first volume of Mai, the Psychic Girl that my public library had for some reason, Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust because my friend just so happened to own it, and Iria: Ziram the Animation because the Sci-Fi channel played it over the span of a few Sunday mornings, and a small handful of those late night Sci-Fi anime screenings that I simply don't remember the names of, and some smatterings of whatever episodes of Sailor Moon I got the chance to watch. But I didn't even get a computer until 2000, and I had dial-up for years after that, and even if I had a faster connection, this was years before youtube and I had a very small number of friends who were also into anime who were in the same "But how do we get it?" boat as I was, so it wasn't until I discovered Adult Swim's late night anime programing that I really got into anime. I actually caught the last few episodes of their first run of Cowboy Bebop when I stumbled across it.

Cowboy Bebop, Trigun, and shortly later FLCL were the shows that really got me into anime, and while I wish it didn't take me so long to finally really discover anime, I'm content to have been a part of the first truely mainstream wave of anime and manga in the US and to have been able to ride that wave when it was at it's peak, back when TokyoPop was still around and releasing pretty much everything they could get their hands on and there were something like 3 different on-demand Anime channels, back before the whole western anime market sort of imploded in on itself.

The generation names might be a bit silly, and ultimately pointless since being an anime fan tends to be a slow and creeping sickness in the west and many of us realize that we had actually been watching anime all of our lives before we even knew what it was, but I still find it's pretty interesting to read about because it paints a picture of what fans that came before you were into and what sort of things were being imported out of Japan. If you're looking to read a little bit more about some of the previous anime fan generations, check out this post on Mainichi Anime Yumi, it's a couple years old so it's really only missing this current, as of yet unnamed, anime fan generation.


  1. Hey Caro-chan!I wanted to congradulate you for making a blog like this~I actually talked to you a few times in the past; in F-yeah lolita, I went by "Maria" a few times and commented about reading Style Deficit Disorder when there was speculation on what year in the 90's lolita got it's name, and I also started posting on the egl livejournal page a few time; and I think you commented to a few comments I made there. (There I go by Maria Tander and it's this google account.~ Last comment I remember was when I mentioned about that Nagomu girl photo in that article a girl posted up.) Sorry for the slight off-topicness, I just am sorta a big fan of your blog and everything you do, and I will probably be following this one too, (even if it won't have too many posts. XD)
    Now so this won't be too offtopic; I really like this first post you made cause I can relate! My first anime was esentially Sailormoon, and then Pokemon and Digimon a little later, (and I'll embarasingly admit to watching Dragonball Z as an elementary school kid.) And I do think it's kinda cool to see the different "anime generations" but it's like what you said, many grew up without realizing they were watching "anime" half of the time! I certainely didn't know until I got a computer in the 2nd grade, around 1998-1999ish. I didn't know the sci-fi channel had an old anime channel though; I was aware Tech Tv did, (I saw Gatekeepers and Serial Experiments Lain there), and Starz used to air episodes of the Dirty Pair, which I thought was a little random lol.

    1. I remember you! I definitely remember talking to you as Maria and that Nagomu girl photo as well (I then spent an hour or two trying to find more pictures of them!)

      It was sometime around 1998-2001 that Sci-Fi used to play some late night anime every now, I think it was in 1999, one summer they did it every night for a week and I was so into it xD The "generations" are a bit silly, especially considering pretty much everyone has seen one imported-for-kids show since Kimba (even my mom watched that!) but I think it's really interesting seeing how every so often one show come along and gets a whole new generation of people interested in anime!

      Thanks for following this blog too :3 I'm following your blog too now!

  2. what is the name of the anime picture in the middle, the red haired girl with the gun, I've seen it before I think.


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